There are numerous bureaus in the police department. Each under a division that reports to a Captain. Following is a brief description of each. You can click the bureaus title below to learn more.  Note: Animal Control is not a bureau within the police department.

The Administration of the Police Department consists of five members; the chief of police, deputy chief and three captains who are division commanders.

The administration is supplemented with two civilian staff members whose responsibilities are payroll and benefit administration, employee records, financial tracking and other clerical duties.

Animal Control rescues injured animals, controls stray animals and potentially dangerous animals roaming at large, investigates barking dog complaints and reports of abuse or neglect, and advises on issues dealing with wildlife.

This bureau is staffed by one Police Officer. The Community Service Bureau is responsible for the administration of the Livonia Police Reserve Officer Program, Livonia Police Explorer Post #213, and the Livonia Community Emergency Response Team.

Hometown Security and Emergency Preparedness provides for the coordination, planning, training, response, recovery and mitigation for emergencies and/or disasters that may affect the City of Livonia.

The Patrol Bureau is responsible for assisting citizens with criminal complaints, deterring crime in the city and monitoring the roads and highways for traffic violations. Officers work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All emergency (9-1-1) calls are received in the dispatch center, located in the patrol bureau, and are immediately handled by the police department or fire department.

The Traffic Bureau officers investigate all types of traffic crashes and handle all fatal crashes. They conduct selective enforcement in specific locations and address the traffic concerns of citizens.

9-1-1 Communications handles the routing, dispatch, and disposition of incidents requiring Police, Fire, and EMS service. The Livonia 9-1-1 Communications Center utilizes TTY / TDD communications for the deaf and hearing impaired.

Central Records processes all arrest paperwork and fingerprint cards, reports, and traffic and ordinance violations. This bureau also handles Freedom of Information Requests as well as fingerprinting requests and record checks. They issue all pistol purchase permits and registrations.

The Detective Bureau includes General Investigations, Youth Crimes, Sex Crimes, and the Crime Scene/Identification Unit. The bureau also encompasses Crime Prevention, Victim Information, and Court Services. Get more information about Scams here.

The Intelligence Bureau is responsible for Narcotics Investigation, major crime investigation and criminal surveillance.

Property and Licensing receives, documents, and stores evidential and non-evidential property in a safe and secure environment. They control and track impounded vehicles, handle taxi cab licensing and licensing investigations under Title 5 of the Livonia Code of Ordinances and hold an annual property and bicycle auction.

The Training & Employment Bureau is responsible for in-service training within the police department and helps Civil Service in the hiring process.