P.E.R.K. Program

The Livonia Police Department is currently offering a Parental Evaluation Resource Kit (P.E.R.K.) to all parents who currently live in the City of Livonia, or parents who have children attending school in the City of Livonia. This P.E.R.K. is designed to assist Livonia parents who don’t know where to turn when their children begin to show signs of a problem. P.E.R.K. offers a large amount of information and convenient drug and alcohol test that produce immediate results in the privacy and safety of the home. In the event of a positive result, P.E.R.K. directs parents to appropriate community resources without law enforcement intervention.

The Livonia Police Department and the Save Our Youth Task Force have combined forces to bring this program to citizens of Livonia. The program empowers parents and gives them the ability to monitor their children in the privacy of their own home. We are providing this service as a tool for parents to start an open discussion with their children about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse and to help parents deal with the issues that can interfere with being a healthy student.

We encourage parents to keep test results confidential between the family and any health care provider they might choose to consult.

We are not suggesting that the use of this kit is the most effective method to determine whether a child is engaging in substance abuse or has an un-diagnosed behavioral problem. Professional counseling by qualified, licensed professionals may be the best course of action to take. P.E.R.K. is simply a “pro-active” program designed to assist parents when their child is beginning to show signs of a problem. It’s another way the Livonia Police Department is assisting the community.

Parents can obtain a P.E.R.K. at the Livonia Police Department Investigative Bureau desk, Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 3:00pm. We ask that you are a current citizen of the City of Livonia, or that your child attends a school in the City of Livonia. Please call the Crime Prevention Unit at (734) 466-2324 for more information.