Traffic Bureau

The Traffic Bureau is currently staffed with a Sergeant, two road officers, one inside follow-up investigator and one motor carrier officer (commercial vehicle inspection & enforcement). All five have received advanced traffic crash investigation training. Three of the bureau members also have crash reconstruction training from various Colleges & Universities.

The primary focus of this bureau is crash investigation and enforcement of traffic laws. Additional responsibilities include investigations of traffic related crimes, selective enforcement activities, traffic crash pattern analysis, engineering enhancements for improved traffic flow and increased safety, breath test instrument calibration, school crossing guards training & supervision, planning board and zoning board research, police motor unit instruction and maintenance.

The Traffic Bureau Sergeant is an ad-hoc member of the Livonia Traffic Commission and attends all meetings. As a result of the success of the Strategic Traffic Accident Reduction (STAR) program since 2003, traffic safety programs of the bureau were expanded in 2006. Using the same approach as STAR did by employing the “three E’s” of traffic safety (Education, Engineering, and Enforcement), evaluation of the City’s traffic signs and signals began. Evaluation was based on compliance with the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control

Devices adopted by the State of Michigan in 2005. As of September 2009, the entire City’s 36 square miles have been completed, and is in compliance with State Law. Despite the initial negative reaction from some citizens, traffic flow has improved, traffic violations in these areas have decreased and overall safety has increased. Traffic crashes have been reduced by 50% since the beginning of the Police Department’s traffic safety initiatives. The Traffic Bureau continues to monitor traffic safety within the City and periodically reviews the effectiveness of traffic control devices. Crashes within the City are reviewed on a daily basis.

Below are intersections with the highest crash frequency within the City of Livonia.

  1. Middlebelt & Plymouth
  2. 5 Mile & Middlebelt
  3. Middlebelt & E/B Schoolcraft
  4. 6 Mile & Farmington
  5. 7 Mile & Farmington
  6. Farmington & Plymouth
  7. Merriman & Plymouth
  8. 5 Mile & Newburgh
  9. Middlebelt & W/B Schoolcraft
  10. Plymouth & Wayne

Where are the other high crash areas?

  1. Southbound I-275 near 6 Mile.

Copies of private property crash reports can be obtained from the Department’s Central Records Bureau.